msdcn1m-4757803 The season of gourds is upon us! For the next few months, you won't be able to enter a grocery store without being greeted by funky looking pumpkins and curvy squashes of all types. The great thing about squash is that it can be the star, or act as an entrancing supporting role. In addition to its earthy flavor, squash is rich in beta carotenes, which are used to make vitamin A, an important vitamin for one's vision and bone growth. Pumpkins in particular are rich in lutein, which may help to lower the risk of cataracts, and the potassium in squash will also help contain blood pressure. Not sure how to flavor your squash? Here are some herbs that pair great with the autumn vegetable.

screen-shot-2015-09-22-at-9-39-05-am-3466365 One thing that Urban Cultivator prides itself in is the team that the company has built over the years. In addition to what each individual brings to the table in terms of skills and qualifications, one big thing that we look for is personality. Every staff member brings something different to the company, and that's what makes Urban Cultivator such a fun place to work at. For the first installment of Who We Are, we've got our two-person marketing team, Matt and Joyce.

fall-produce-1-crop-9697250 Seasonality of what you consume is more important than ever. Not only are restaurants adopting the practice of creating dishes that use ingredients that are in season, but many grocery stores are also beginning to do the same. One of the most important things you can do is to arm yourself with the knowledge of what's in season during certain months so you can make the most out of the produce. In-season produce not only tastes better, but you're also supporting the local farmers and eliminating your carbon footprint by minimizing orders for items that aren't available in your area, but are grown across the world and have to be shipped. Here's what's in season during Fall 2015.

peanutbuttercupeditedweb-1024x701-8390530 Is there a more perfect marriage than peanut butter and chocolate? Your mind is probably drifting to peanut butter cups, or maybe you just slather peanut butter onto squares of chocolate. But the least likely place for your mind to go towards is microgreens. Little did you know, until now, that they go incredibly well in a little smoothie we've dubbed as the Peanut Butter Cup. It's a crowd pleaser, and if you need your kids to eat greens, this is the smoothie for you. Here's what goes in a Peanut Butter Cup.

il_570xn-628125842_ov1j-8305367 "Learn About..." is a recurring post where we'll look at lesser known herbs, greens, etc., and discuss their origin, health benefits, and everything in between! leaves-1051571 Never heard of sorrel? Don't worry—you aren't the only one. It's not one of the most popular herbs in North America, but as to why that is, it's a mystery; sorrel is a wonderfully tart and succulent treat!

salt-014-1024x614-4993056 Saturday, August 29 is "More Herbs, Less Salt Day." It may sound silly, but it's actually a great time to reassess how much salt you're putting into your body. Salt isn't necessarily bad for you, but as with anything else, too much of it can lead negative consequences, like bloating due to water retention, hypertension, and heart disease. A clever way to use less salt is to use more herbs. This way, you won't sacrifice flavor blandness; instead, you might come out ahead with even tastier dishes! Here's how you can use more herbs and less salt.

screen-shot-2015-08-24-at-3-53-43-pm-8489894 Chilled corn soup with pig face bacon, popcorn, and UC-grown peashoots (Image via @Jun0k)One of the best things about social media is how easy it is to share photos with one another. With it, we've been able to see what you all do with your Urban Cultivator-grown microgreens. Like how the microgreens inspired these incredible dishes below (this is #foodporn at its finest, folks), we at Urban Cultivator have been inspired by these photos. Check out what our users have been doing with their UC-grown microgreens below, and be sure to like us on Instagram and tag us and #freshnewworld in your photos so we can see what mouthwatering things you come up with!